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    I think we might've grazed over it awhile back, but there is a new cartridge that came out early this year called 30 super. It's a
    lighter lesser diameter bullet than the 9mm, but the case is longer.
    Their about the same legth, except for the case diameter is smaller. A .308" 110 grain bullet versus a 124 grain or greater .356" diameter projectile. Velocity is higher, which makes up for the lack of size.
    In an S&W Shield+, capacity is 13 rounds compared to 7 rounds of 9mm.
    A slightly extended mag which offers more to hold on to provides 16
    round capacity. Federal , Remington, Seepr, CCI and Hornady are all offering the round, so it's not like looking for 5.7 or 22TCM.

    I'm behind on BBS'ing, so this might be beat to death - LOL - BUT...

    I got excited about it when it was announced, but would really like to
    SHOOT one to get the real feel... My carry is a .40 Shield and I was already looking at upgrading to a Shield Plus for the increased capacity, but
    I really like the .40 (just personal). The .30 SC seems to scratch that
    same itch! If 10 rounds of 9 are good, then 15 round of .30 should
    be better? :-)

    Plus I've been 'intrigued,' I guess you'd say, but a .327 revolver. My understanding is the .30 SC is the 'ACP' version of that round...

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