• Looking for an old wrestling door game...

    From Codefenix@GAMENET/CONCHAOS to All on Mon Jun 7 13:06:09 2021
    I'm trying to track down an old wrestling themed BBS door game. The BBS I used to play it on was a WWIV board, so it might have been a WWIV chain, but not necessarily.

    I know it's not any of the easy-to-find doors like Big League Wrestling, World League Wrestling, Supper Rassle, or GCWF. The one I'm looking for is mostly text-based, giving a different list of moves each round. I used to think it was funny to repeatedly press P, to (P)unch my opponent, (P)ick them up, and (P)ile drive them over and over again. My buddy and I used to get into grudge matches all the time and exchange long-winded in-game monologues at each other. Tons of fun.

    I want to say it was named something like Mat Mania, but I'm not 100% sure. When I google that title, an arcade game is what comes up, not a door.

    If this rings a bell to anyone, please let me know. I'd love to get it running on my board.

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