• [ansi] Do U Want 2 Play..

    From MIKE POWELL@GAMENET/CAPCITY2/CAPCITY to ALL on Sat Jun 24 09:55:00 2023
    `[?7h`[255D`[26C`[0;1mDo You Want to Play a Game?

    `[13C`[32mL O R D`[19C`[37m|`[5C`[33mY `[35mA `[31mN `[36mK `[32mE `[34mE`[A `[56C `[33mT `[35mR `[31mA `[36mD `[32mE `[34mR `[37m!
    `[5C`[31mLegend of the Red Dragon`[10C`[37m|
    `[13C`[32m4 Games`[19C`[37m|`[14C`[32m4 Games
    `[9C2 Local w/ IGMs`[15C| -- Original -- No Missle Patch
    `[7CInterLORD League 618`[12C|
    `[9CLordNet League 1`[14C| -- YT 1000 -- No Earth Patch
    `[13C`[32mLORD `[31mII`[19C`[37m| -------------------------------------------------------------------------`[A `[73C-----
    `[8C`[33mBARREN REALMS ELITE`[12C`[37m|
    `[14C`[32m3 Games`[18C`[37m|
    `[39C|`[9C`[34mO `[31mP E R A T I O N
    `[11C`[37m1 Local Game`[16C|`[10C`[34mO `[31mV E R K I L L
    `[12C`[37mLeague 21`[18C|`[16C`[34mII
    `[12C`[37mLeague 618`[17C|

    `[7CAll at Moe's Tavern BBS - moetiki.ddns.net:27 - 1+502-875-8938`[0m`[255D

    * SLMR 2.1a * I'm NOT unemployed. ....I'm a consultant.

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