• QWK <-> FTN

    From Al@GAMENET/TRMB to All on Sun Jun 17 07:33:46 2018
    Hello All,

    I believe the problem with the hub crashing out mail has been solved by Digital Man with an update to fido.js. This message will alow me to see if that is so.

    Since my first advertisement a few days ago we have three new QWK nodes as well as three new FTN nodes. A good start I think. :)

    Andrew Leary has taken on the task of maintaing the nodelist so there is a new file area for that. If anyone would like to receive nodelists as Andrew updates it let me know and I will add your node to the tickit.ini file at the hub.

    There does seem to be a problem with posts from the FTN side making it to the QWK side. I am looking at that and will apply a fix as soon as I can figure out what needs to be done there.

    Ttyl :-),

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