• YT app on an XBOX 360

    From Dumas Walker@GAMENET/CAPCITY2 to ALL on Mon Sep 7 13:03:00 2020
    I have an XBOX 360. It mostly gets used for playing DVDs and for playing YouTube videos on my TV. I sometimes binge Dilbert on the Crackle app.

    I have been having issues with the YT app. At first, it was random but now
    it is persistent. When I open the app, it only opens with success every 1
    out of 3 times (approx.). The other times it locks the XBOX up. I used to wait a few minutes to see if it was just opening slow before giving up...
    now I don't because once it goes 10 seconds or so it never comes up. I
    have to reboot the machine and try again (and again and...).

    Has anyone else with an XBOX who uses the YT app noticed this?

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